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September 23, 2014

Paul "Ripples Guy" Wesselmann

Since 1990, Paul has worked with hundreds of organizations to create dynamic presentations that inspire and inform.

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GREAT Work, GREAT Life: Five Essential Actions for Personal & Professional Growth
This engaging session filled with humor, music, motivation and plenty of practical strategies began as a college assignment to "develop a workshop for people who help people" and evolved into Paul's life work. You will enjoy yourself while we develop specific attitudes and behaviors that can have a lasting impact back on campus and in life. We will explore each component of the acronym G.R.E.A.T.: goal setting, role modeling, esteem building, attitude adjusting, and time/stress managing.
Vegetables, Delusions, & Gifts, Oh My! Advanced Interpersonal Effectiveness
Remarkable interpersonal skills can deepen effectiveness with colleagues, supervisors, and others. This engaging workshop challenges participants to explore practical strategies that can help manage conflict, communicate feedback more effectively, and build strong relationships on the job.
Personal Leadership & the Art of Stone Soup [Full Day Retreat/Training]
Could you handle a stress-reducing, energy-infusing day with your entire team and one of the warmest, wildest trainers you are likely to encounter? This full day includes a fantastic combination of discussion, activities, music, reflection and humor. It is highly engaging, interactive without being "too touchy feely" and explores TWO components of personal leadership designed to help us reach new levels of effectiveness in work, school and life: Reaching OUT to improve interpersonal interactions with practical tools for building and maintaining powerful relationships, enhancing our communication techniques, and dealing with conflict; and Reaching IN to explore five strategies for personal empowerment that can unleash personal potential while encouraging others to reach for theirs: goal setting, role modeling, esteem building, attitude adjusting, and time & stress managing.
Revving Up The Troops: Delegation & Motivation Skills for Leaders
You've got great ideas, and there are lots of things your group could be tackling...but no one is stepping up to do the work! Motivation doesn't have to be manipulation, and delegation is NOT about being lazy and tricking someone else to do a boring job. When employed correctly, they create opportunities for emerging leaders, enhance group cohesion, and increase productivity!
Opportunities in Transformation: Exploring the Possibilities of CHANGE
Change used to be something we "went through" and "handled" and "managed." Our current state of frequent transition mandates a high degree of flexibility and adaptability. This comprehensive, action-oriented workshop is designed to explore key actions you can take NOW to ensure your ability to survive and thrive amidst the constant evolution at work and in life.
Managing Compassion Fatigue: Building Boundaries to Prevent and Decrease Burnout
Many of us "helpers" are better at serving others than we are at taking care of ourselves. Isn't it time to grab a little enhancement for us? If you have a little voice in your soul that says "you need to say no" but your mouth keeps opening and "YES, I'll do it" keeps coming out of it, you need this session to help you explore practical ways to prevent and manage burnout. We are also going to discuss why we keep overworking ourselves to see if there are some better ways to accomplish things while we model self-care skills.
Strategies for Sanity: Preventing Burnout and Managing Stress
Even people who love their work can (and do!) burn out if their lives are not in balance. Of course, "in balance" means different things to different people and so we are going to approach stress and burnout management from a different perspective. Once we recognize that we all have limits on our time, energy and passion we can learn to set boundaries that help us maximize our resources. We will also explore a quick assessment to demonstrate our strengths and weaknesses in creating a balanced life.
Extreme Connections: Creating An Exceptional College Experience
This fast paced presentation allows new students to take the unique combination of FEAR and EXCITEMENT they experience during their first weeks at college and turn them into valuable tools to meet other people, increase academic performance, and develop an A+ attitude. Participants leave this high energy session equipped with specific skills to get more out of college AND life.
Too Many To-Dos: Time Management for Busy People
"If only I had more time, I could get everything done!" If you believe this, then you need to attend this strategy-filled, perspective-shifting session. Time is a more valuable commodity than money and it is VITAL for our success and sanity that we spend it well. In this fast-paced session we will explore some of the myths of time management and examine our weaknesses. You will leave this session with practical techniques for each of the four main skills of time management: motivation, organizing, priority setting, and scheduling.
Unit of One: Entrepreneurial Thinking in Small & Large Organizations
Whether your organization has hundreds of employees or is made up of just you, the evolving entrepreneurial mind set in the workplace suggests that if you cannot demonstrate your value to your employer and customers, you may not last long! This comprehensive, action-oriented workshop is designed to explore key actions you can take NOW to ensure your ability to survive and thrive amidst the constant evolution of corporate philosophies.
The Archeology of Passion: Excavating Your Enthusiasm for Work & Life
In a world of competing priorities, multiple pressures from multiple sources and overwhelming societal challenges, many of us have buried our passion under years of stress, disappointment, and obstacles. And as we continue to become more exhausted, we struggle to find inspiration that will remind us why we pursued our goals in the first place! There is Hope! We are going to reach INSIDE and remember how and why we got here. We will also explore some proven strategies to rekindle our passion in ourselves so we can resume our life's mission with renewed vigor!
Open Minds, Open Hearts: Making a Difference by Valuing Difference
(Alt Title #1) Higher Bridges, Lower Walls: Creating a Culture of Civility & Respect (Alt Title #2) Encouraging Inclusion: Leadership and the Art of Nurturing Diversity Each time one person feels less valued, the entire community suffers as that person withdraws her/his unique contributions. Whether we are thinking about our organization or considering the global community, leadership includes a responsibility to strengthen our individual and team potential. This dynamic session will explore the challenges and opportunities of working (and living) in a diverse environment.
Increase Your Networthiness: Techniques for Networking & Small Talk Skills
Alt. Title #1: Are You Networthy? How to Build and Maintain Effective Connections Alt. Title #2: Keen Eye On the Social Guy: Confessions of a Serial Networker "I know I am supposed to NETWORK, but I don't have much time and I don't even know what I am supposed to be doing!" If that sounds familiar, you are not alone! Many people secretly despise the idea of "schmoozing" yet worry they are limiting their career potential without it. If you can attend one more networking workshop, we promise it could forever alter your approach to professional networking. You will leave this presentation with specific tools you can use to increase your productivity WHILE you network! Paul has promised to share easy and fun tips on building and maintaining a useful network as well as how to make "chit chat" opportunities more relaxed and beneficial for everyone involved.
Straight Talk About Gay Issues: Challenging Homophobia In Your Organization, and In Yourself
Why do the majority of Americans think it is wrong to discriminate based on sexual orientation but are repulsed by the idea of same sex marriage? News of U.S. soldiers raping little girls in Japan draws little response from a society that is terrified of gay soldiers being in the showers with their peers. And why is violence against lesbians and gays at an all time high when other forms of violence are declining? Paul uses humor, anger, and tears to explore attitudes and behaviors around homosexuality. This workshop is NOT designed to change your opinion about homosexuality! Instead, we will create a safe environment to discuss YOUR thoughts/feelings about LGBT issues.
Crouching Trainer, Hidden Learner: Techniques for Engaging Participants & Advancing Training Objectives
What is the difference between your CURRENT training sessions and the IDEAL presentations you would like to give? If you are seeking simple, proven techniques for increasing audience involvement and decreasing boredom, then you will enjoy this motivating demonstration of pragmatic strategies you will be able to immediately apply to your next training.
Teaching Old Audiences New Tricks: Motivating Participants to Talk, Fetch Ideas, and Stop Playing Dead!
Paul Wesselmann, Stone Soup Seminars Involving participants is a core competency among presentation skills, but too often left up to the trainer's personality or the presentation content. BUT WAIT! There are practical activities that you can add to almost any training to engage participants, encourage interaction, and make your job easier! We are going to explore a handful of specific activities and spend time adapting them to YOUR training needs.
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Paul's Pick
Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable
(by Seth Godin) This guy is one of my favorite creative thinkers. This very purple book suggests that if we spend more time creating WOW in our products/services we need fewer dollars to market them because people TALK about remarkable stuff! He really makes risk taking seem safer.