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August 28, 2014

Paul "Ripples Guy" Wesselmann

Since 1990, Paul has worked with hundreds of organizations to create dynamic presentations that inspire and inform.

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History / Kudos
Here are a few kind things that people have said about my work. You can also visit my LinkedIn and Facebook profiles for more recommendations.

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Paul does not speak at you, instead he brings the audience into the presentation so they can personally relate to what is being said.
Marcia Meyer | Assoc of Information Technology Professionals
Paul does a wonderful job of blending an entertaining presenting style with solid content. He provides good information to his audience in an environment conducive to active participation and listening.
Tom Fojtik | University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
It is impossible to NOT get excited about a topic when Paul is the presenter!
Cathie Marty | Madison Area Technical College
Paul's gave great insight and new ideas on ways to solve some of life's everyday problems. I will be trying his methods throughout my work and private life!
Thomas Kramer | The Procter & Gamble Co.
Paul makes you think, question, and want to take action.
Jason Schreiber | Cornell College
I have crystal clear memories of a wellness presentation that Paul gave almost 10 years ago. Paul is an inspirational speaker and he empowered me to make positive, fulfilling changes in my life.
Kimberly A. Rovansek | Arizona State University
Paul is very energetic and his message is very powerful. He really cares about the audience and whether or not you understand what he is saying. His attitude is totally positive.
Amy Campbell | West Bend Mutual Insurance
Paul is upbeat, energetic and completely motivational. He gets the crowd involved and you can tell he truly believes in what he does!
Stacy Mara | Marshfield Area United Way
I just wanted to thank you for the session. I had a great time and got valuable information out of it. Especially dealing with whiners. Thank you very much I really appreciate every piece of information you gave us.
Tina L. | Kohler Credit Union, Kohler WI
When Paul was done I knew I had experienced the efforts of someone who really cared and that he genuinely was there to help, not just to collect his fee.
Bill Gosse | American Medical Security
Paul makes participating in group activities fun and not threatening.
Vicki Williams | Franciscan Skemp Healthcare
Paul, I cannot even begin to count the number of times I used the oh so relieving "mental Slap" during WOW 2009! I also wanted to let you know that i have actively begun making ripples everyday. It's only been two weeks and already i'm feeling like a new person. I cannot even BEGIN to thank you for helping me to realize a new me!!!!!
Charlotte Cashell-Varga | Cal Poly WOW
I have seen lots of really good professional presenters; none of them have been able to challenge students to examine themselves and their issues in the supportive, positive, motivating way that Paul has. He is a very special person, with a special gift for and commitment to working with college students.
Tom Mottola | Gettysburg College
Paul has spoken to groups of all sizes at our institution over the past 7 years and each and every time they clamor for "More Paul!"
Bridget Kesner | Alverno College
Paul was willing to individually work with our group to design what we really needed to accomplish. It was wonderful to be able to ask Paul to tackle certain issues and have our expectations met!
Mary Jo Otto | Carroll College
Paul is a very warm and energetic speaker who connects to everyone in the audience by offering practical, applicable content. He has fun, so the audience has fun too.
Lynn Johnson, CMP | AccessPoint, Inc.
Paul has a unique ability to connect with participants in a way I have never seen before. To hold a room of nearly 1,000 college students silent and at the edge of their seats, and to evoke such profound emotions in them is amazing.
Ann Groves Lloyd | Wisconsin Alumni Association
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Paul's Pick
The Foundation for a Better Life
You most surely have seen one of their "Pass it On." billboards that feature famous faces as well as everyday heroes promoting core values like hope, caring, compassion, courage, etc. This website does a great job of informing and inspiring!